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Your Capture Imaging Experience

We believe it’s all about your experience. From when you first talk to us….to when you are hanging your beautiful wall portraits in your home, we want your experience to be exceptional.

Your Planning Meeting

This is where we meet with you in person. Come in and have a relaxed chat with our friendly staff over a cup of coffee. We start by showing you a short video of us capturing natural moments with real people and how much fun everyone has on the shoot.

We invite you to tell us about YOU and your family. We then plan your photo shoot to reflect your personality and lifestyle. We also discuss the best clothing and locations for your shoot.

Bring your diary to schedule your photo shoot. All pricing and products will be explained at this meeting too. Your planning meeting will normally last 15-30 minutes.

Preparation For Your Shoot

Try to keep clothing simple. Comfortable everyday clothes in similar tones look best in photos. Avoid very bright and bold prints and stripes as they can be distracting. If it is a beach location, take a few extra outfits for the children as they tend to end up in the water.

With a family, it is important to select colours that will complement your entire group. Ideally, you want your family members’ clothing to be in the same tonal ranges, so that no single individual stands out. By colour coordinating everyone’s outfits, each family member is portrayed as being equally important.

However, your shoot is designed to show your personality and how you see yourself. So if you are a rule breaker, then dress like yourself and disregard everything you have read before.

Your Photo Shoot

Come to your shoot relaxed and ready for fun.  Experience the joy of being together in a relaxed setting, while our photographic team keeps your session dynamic and fun. You will be rewarded with unexpected natural images. No awkward poses or stiff smiles, just naturally beautiful images you will love.

Your photo shoot will normally last 45 minutes to an hour depending on how many people are involved.

After your shoot, our design team goes to work editing and polishing your images so that you only see your best art.

Your Viewing Experience

To prepare for your viewing, walk around your home and look at your wall space. Find places where people naturally gather, focal points in your home that are uncluttered and will add life and personality to your home. Measure up this space, or take photos and email them to us so we can help match your designs to your home.

This is the really rewarding part…… you get to relive the fun of your photography session and be captivated and inspired as your presentation unfolds before you in our theatre room.

After your initial slideshow we will go through your images one by one, selecting your favourite “happy face” images. From this list we guide you on how best to display your personal wall art, which you will be able to order at this time so that you can own it forever. Choose between traditional wall prints, canvas or acrylic prints or even our hand-made story book albums. Display them with pride. Enjoy them for life.

Please allow an hour for your viewing experience. We use ProSelect for your viewing presentation.

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We are committed to professional, fast, courteous and reliable service. We believe in the golden rule. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". We always ensure that our customers are satisfied and our goal is to make you a life-long client.


For more information or to book your session call us today (02) 4981 9659 between 11am-3pm.
Or you can send Hazel an email with any questions you may have about our photography services.
If for any reason you don’t want the photos, there’s never a cost at all!