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Bestfriends Joy and Victoria and their bucket list

Bestfriends Joy and Victoria and their bucket list

Joy Hadfield called to register vouchers she and her friend Victoria Saunders had won at a silent auction for their primary school last year. When we met them during that initial planning meeting, we learned that a modelphotography session had been an item in their bucket list. Yep, a bucket list—and a joint one at that. You see, they've been the best of friends since primary school when Joy was assigned to show newcomer Victoria around.

Bestfriends since primary school

"We used to go to school together, and then rush home to jump on the phone to talk to each other for HOURS," Joy related.

At the end of Year 6, Victoria moved away to Dungog and until both were able to drive, the visits and phone calls slowed. Both, however, maintained comfortably calling each other each other's best friend.

"Because we didn't have the same friends anymore, we'd talk about our futures on the phone. That's when we started creating and developing a bucket list," Victoria said.

Other items on their to-do

Other things on the bucket list are mostly travel-oriented, like a trip to the US, to experience the Tomato Festival in Spain, and to see the Northern Lights. "We've been to Japan where I took Victoria to the small town where I had grown up. Just recently, we ticked off climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and it was amazing!" Joy said.

She added that while they lived miles from each other, they would talk about weddings—Victoria's being traditional and Joy's underwater while cage diving with great white sharks (Joy admits to being 'the weird and out-there' one)—movies (Victoria's forte), and spill secrets.

About the portrait photography, Victoria said they wanted to do it because it always "feels good to get dressed up and be made to look beautiful." They thought a photo-shoot would make them feel that way and give their self-confidence a boost—and congratulated Capture Imaging Photography for doing a fantastic job at achieving exactly that! Well, partly because both girls were beautiful to start with, exuding a genuine warmth and exuberance we feel our photos were able to, well, capture.

"We just never really had the money to do it but when we won the vouchers, we made sure we got booked in," Victoria said.

Tuned in to each other

Joy gamely described why they chose the black dress for herself and white for Victoria during the photo session, saying they've had this uncanny way of wearing similar clothing or the same cut but just in different colors.

"We always know what the other's thinking and believe it or not, when we were younger, I told her about this dream I had the night before and only just after I started (without even knowing much), Victoria had a shocked but excited look on her face as she told me about her dream that she had that same night, which acted as the second half to my dream!" Joy said.

The bucket is still developing today, as both agree they have fun being spontaneous and adventurous in completing the things on that bucket list and then coming up with more things to do.

Joy's currently studying Bachelor of Environmental Science and Management at the University of Newcastle. Even though Victoria decided to move to Armidale for uni, both think the bucket list has made them so much more closer because they get to experience all these things together, for who can refute that they're very memorable moments to share with a best friend?

What's down the road?

How do they see themselves ten years from now? "However far apart we are, we'll always have that special relationship that made us the best of friends all these years. And there will be no stopping that bucket list!"

To Victoria and Joy: your friendship inspires us. Long live, you two, and good luck on that list!

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