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Two Homes One Family

Karen Evans is another lucky winner from our Salamander Photo Centre Competition at Salamander Bay. She won the major prize of the $1330.00 portrait photography canvas package. Karen have two beautiful boys who share their time between Mum & Dads separate homes here in Port Stephens. Karen & David are still very close and even

Family Photo Shoot for Chris Duncan Elizabeth & David

Beach family photo shoot for mums birthday: Milestone birthday present for mum – Natural unposed images on the beach in Port Stephens. Before you know it the kids have grown up, and soon they will be leaving home and experiencing the world. Elizabeth and David (teenage kids) came to us and purchased a family photo shoot for mums

Port Stephens Calendar 2012

New 2012 Landscape Photography Calendar of Port Stephens: I am very proud to introduce my Port Stephens 2012 landscape photography calendar. We have chosen the images that best describe this beautiful area we call home, from the arty image of Zenith beach on the front cover to some of the most spectacular beaches in this

Why hibernate this winter?

It is a natural coarse of nature to want to hibernate during winter but not here at Capture Imaging. We are still doing our ever beautiful Lifestyle photography sessions at many of the protected beaches around Port Stephens. We know some secret spots that are quiet and sheltered from the cool breezes and it can

Zenith Beach

It’s almost the silly season again, with all the holiday makers about to arrive in our beautiful Port Stephens. Earlier this week the weather was perfect and I managed to sneak in some long exposure landscape photography of my favourite places. Zenith beach is one of those, the wind was howling and the waves were

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