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Underwater model shoot & video

This is the first of my “behind the scenes” videos from a photo shoot. The idea behind the shoot was to get a few unusual underwater images of a dancer from allegria dance company, to promote the dance school. Ashlea volunteered to be the underwater model, and the girls came up with some unusual outfits

Terrific Twins – Billy & Halley

Twins are a blessing in themselves, but these two are just adorable. Cheeky smiles, blond curls and the energy of a football team !!! Billy and Halley are the best for friends at four years old. They had soooo much fun jumping off the sand dunes, playing tugg o war and chasing bubbles in the

Aqua kids

Just before this cool snap has hit we had great fun with Melissa’s family. Grandparents, cousins and kids make up this happy family. Every one was very relaxed and had a great time. It was great to see the sense of fun  the whole family had. After the outdoor shoot with the family the kids

Lauralai Underwater

Lauralai is an amazing model who comes from Brisbane, and was passing through Port Stephens recently. I have photographed her underwater before and this was a chance to give it another go. Underwater modelling is the most difficult kind of modelling around  – holding breath, posing upside down, water clarity and temperature, hair and clothing

Underwater – Ashlea Dancing

Ashlea is a local Allegria Dance Co. dancer, and wanted to get a couple of underwater dancing images. I love shooting movement and people that are good at what they do. Underwater photography adds a whole new dimension to posing, and this proved a lot more difficult than Ash expected. After a while she started to get the

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