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Local Surf Contest

I was fortunate enough to be asked to photograph some of the top surfers in Port Stephens, just before this weekends surf contest. The examiner newspaper has just run to story with one of my images. Please read all about it below. I shot them at birubi beach on a stormy day and used off

Surf on Art?

How does it feel to surf on art? This is the question I asked myself a few months ago…and I’ll soon find out. Just received these 2 beautiful surf¬†boards from Australian Surfboard Industries. I had 2 underwater art images produced on the bottom. One is a underwater wave image from Samoa and the other is

Surfing – Port Stephens

Over the weekend a large swell hit our beaches, from One mile beach, to box beach, the surf was pumping. After experiencing the force of the waves first hand at one mile, I packed in my camera gear and headed for box beach, where the wave becomes super hollow and is closer to the beach

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