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Capture Imaging Beauty Search 2012 Winner Stefanie Ristoski

There’s a reason why 16-year-old Stephanie Ristoski got the most Facebook votes in our Beauty Search. She was already stunning when she stepped into our studio for her prize model photography session, and looked absolutely magazine perfect after her glamour makeover by Abbey Sidorow. Stef’s a natural-born model who flowed into pose after pose– a

Marg & Tim

Margie and Tim have lived in Anna Bay for a few years now, and they spend a lot of time at the beach, especially birubi beach. They wanted to show what their lifestyle is like and record this time in their lives forever. Below is a video interview I did with Margie and Tim near

Two Homes One Family

Karen Evans is another lucky winner from our Salamander Photo Centre Competition at Salamander Bay. She won the major prize of the $1330.00 portrait photography canvas package. Karen have two beautiful boys who share their time between Mum & Dads separate homes here in Port Stephens. Karen & David are still very close and even

Doting Parents We Have Met Recently

Here at Capture Imaging Photography, we get to meet some great people who allow us a glimpse of their happy family lives as we shoot their portraits. We meet many families and it’s heartwarming to see such doting parents enjoying their kids’ youthful exuberance. We see it all the time: in hugs and kisses, smiles

Drawing comfort from special friends

Like many animal lovers, Erin Dowse is head-over-heels with her dog, Molly (and her mom’s Lilly), and regards it as a very important part of her life. This secondary English teacher at Singleton High School, out of her love to indulge in facts and pop culture through trivia, joined a fundraiser for Sudden Infant Death

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