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Your baby will never be this tiny, this precious ever again. Now is the perfect time to get some professional newborn baby photographs.

Babies grow into toddlers, then children, and before we know it, teenagers. Our thoughtfully designed baby studio is a beautiful warm environment where everyone is relaxed and magic unfolds.

We have created a special photo package for babies to make sure we don’t miss a thing. It’s called…

Your Baby’s First Year Portraits Package.

Your baby’s first year brightens your world as never before. There is no other period in your child’s life where change happens this rapidly. This first year is the most important time to beautifully capture for your family to enjoy for generations to come.
This photography package starts with…

1. Preggy Shoot (8th or 9th month of pregnancy)

Great time to start the story of your baby’s life with your beautiful baby belly.  Dad and other children can join in on this shoot too.


Your baby bump should be celebrated, with some beautiful professional pregnancy photography! Your pregnancy is the first chapter in your baby’s book of life and a very special time for every parent.

2. Newborn Shoot (1 to 3 weeks old)

Newborn babies are little angels that like to sleep and cuddle. With a little patience, timing, and creative posing, these images will be treasured forever.

3. Baby sitting up

Perfect time to capture baby’s expressions, smiles, and all those chubby little baby parts.

4. Baby crawling or walking

Baby is exploring and is mobile, great time to get those movement images, and maybe they are trying to walk by holding on to mum & dad.

1st Birthday Party Shoot

Our gift to you, we will come to your Baby’s first birthday party and shoot those special moments of opening pressies, blowing out the first candle with Mum & Dad and partying with friends of family.

So give Karla or Liz a call on 02 4981 9659 and ask about our special baby photography package.


All images are photographed and retouched using our unique style and only the very best are shown to you. Once these prints are on the wall they become true works of ART, and should be displayed with pride. A small investment in your family will produce priceless works of art.


We GUARANTEE you’ll LOVE your images….for LIFE.

Don’t forget to call us on 02 4981 9659 or Click here to Email Karla


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