Dog Lover: Cara & Gremlin

We recently had the chance to photograph Cara with her pet dog, Gremlin. Cara does pet grooming at Hamilton, Newcastle. 

Her Darling, Gremlin

Gremlin is a female, hairless Chinese Crested dog. Cara got her when she just 3 months old and she takes her wherever she goes. She rides in Cara’s backpack as she goes to work. Gremlin is one lucky dog as Cara gives her all the nice clothes you could ever find for a dog – she has quite a huge wardrobe. The leather jacket she’s wearing was purchased on ebay.

A Beautiful Bond

Cara loves her pet so much and the bond that they both have transcends through the pictures. Their photos are amazing and beautiful. Cara has such a huge heart for dogs and she treats Gremlin like her own child.

Photograph Your Furry Friend

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