Passion for Mastering our Craft

When you’re passionate about something, you’re at it every chance you get. If it happens to be your job, you never take much time off. If you see a chance to master your craft, you usually charge gung-ho into it.

Such is the case of Brent Mail and his reasons for sending entries to this year’s Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA), a rigid annual competition held by the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP).

APPA wins – best result to date

“I’m lucky to be recognized and very humbled by my recent wins. The awards are judged by other professional photographers, so it’s always a tough competition, and it pushes me to get better every year and to try new things – and this year it seemed to work in my favour. Also, this year I tried something totally new – I printed all of my images myself, on a black and white printer. The reason I did this is so that I had full control of the whole process, from capture to presentation. Maybe this helped, maybe not, but all the hard work seemed to pay off this year.”

You may find the story behind those winning prints and the process Brent went through Click Here.

Four silver accolades: three for print, one for video.

Tell us about your latest awards, and a bit about the competition.

Brent: The 2012 Canon APPA (Australian Professional Photography Awards) was held on May 25th to 27th 2012 at Melbourne Exhibition Centre. The awards spanned three full days of judging, in four judging rooms, with over 3,200 images judged. I walked away with four silver awards this year, the best I’ve ever done. Out of the four awards was one for a video entry for the fusion category, which was only introduced last year. This video took three days to make. In it, I go through my creative process, the shoot, the retouching, the printing and finally the display of my fine art print – which I believe is a work of art, and any collector would treasure for life. Click here to check out the behind the scenes look at the making of this video, plus how I lit the final scene. Play the video below!

It’s all about pursuing this passion everyday

How would you relate these recent wins to your day-job?

Brent: Now, if these awards are to indicate anything, it’s that each of our customers at Capture Imaging Photography are assured of personalized works of art that don’t leave our studio until we’ve gone through every possible detail. Photography is my craft and picture perfect is what I want to give to every customer that walks into our studio.

Want your own personalized art work? Call us and let’s talk about your session over coffee. ♡Karla

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