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Congratulations to Bianka Lee who is currently featured in the examiner newspaper for her acting ability….well done!!

Bianka came to us a few months ago looking to update her portfolio and get some professional model/actor photos. Glad the paper used one of the images.  Below is the writeup from the examiner newspaper.

Below is the writeup from

FOUR budding, young Port Stephens actors have scored roles in a production of the musical The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

The Young Peoples Theatre production at Hamilton is running throughout the school holidays and at weekends until the end of November.

Port juniors to feature are Jake Nye, 11 and Bianka Lee, 17, of Boat Harbour and Harold Phipps, 15 and his sister Jasmine, 9, from Corlette.

The plot has four children walking through a wardrobe and into a magical land where animals talk and a battle for power is underway. The play is the first time Jake Nye and Harold Phipps have played main roles and according to fellow actress Bianka they are both thrilled.

“As a cast we are working hard on making sure our portrayal of the characters reflect those in the original,” she said. “My favourite part of the show is either the surprise arrival of Father Christmas, or the Sacrifice of Aslan the Lion.”

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