School Holiday Special – 2 For 1 Model Shoot

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a model photography shoot done ?

What  if you could do it with a friend and make a day of it?

Well we thought it sounds like great fun so as an Easter Holiday Special we will have a special two for one offer which is a saving of $225.00 for each of you !!! Start up your model portfolio this holiday.

So girls………If not now, then when ? You deserve to be a super model for the day.

Give Karen a call 02 4981 9659 today and we can plan to shoot both of you !!!!

*Spaces are limited and we will be fully booked soon, so find a friend and call us tonday.

model photo shoot in anna bay

teenage model photography shoot in port stephens on the beach

model portfolio photo shoot on the beach

fashion photo shoot in port stephens


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  1. Stephen

    This post made me smile. I remember the iedscisivnnees I had with how much to charge on my first paid shoot. Initially, I simply felt bad for charging people money for my time and efforts, but through research, I realized that a photo is worth, and people who come to a photographer usually are aware of that, as well.

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