Brittney Mason

Brittney Mason was runner up in Miss Surfest Model Competition. Brittney had a shoot Brent a year ago and came in for another session. In twelve moths we certainly noticed how Britt’s confidence has bloomed.

In the planning meetign we went through Britt’s last shoot and had a look at those amazing images. She is such a beautiful girl and such an infectious smile. She explained to me how in all her photos she was smiling, she want to be creative this time, a little bit more edgy, more attitude and less smiles.

We had our Make up artist, Kim from Blush Brides join us in the studio where she did an amazing transformation on Britt, smokey sultry eyes with just a hint of color on her lips.

Brent did the first half of the shoot in the studio. He had Britt pose on the swing which always makes for a beautiful shot, we tied some color balloons on the swing. Lots of smiles and some amazing images captured.

Brent then decided to venture into the great outdoors. We are so lucky with the location of the studio that only minutes away are some really cool natural back drops, the dunes, the beaches and the bush.

Tommaree Headland at the world war II gun emplacements is a perfect back drop. Weathered metal doors welded shut, the graffiti of reckless youths, place gorgeous Britt in the middle and with Brent’s magic….pure art.

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