Model – Anita

Anita is a miss surfest finalist and she came to us looking to update her model portfolio with some unusual / different images. She has done quite a few shoots on the beach in a bikini and wanted some fashion/alternative images with a twist. We discussed what she was looking for and she showed me a few images that she liked.

The wind outside was gale-force so all the usual model portfolio locations in port stephens were out of the question. I love going to the stockton dunes to shoot models, but we would have been sand blasted. We decided to use the studio for as long as we could then go down to one of the protected beaches near shoal bay.

Because Anita has dark hair I decided to use my white backdrop in the studio. I only used 1 light to give a more artistic feel to the images…and make the white backdrop darker.

Alana (my makeup artist) came over and we decided to add some gold leaf to her face, and give her a spanish look. I had Anita dance for me in the studio and we got this stunning image….below.IMG_3165

Anita came to the shoot with a calm yet enthusiatic nature. She was really focused during the shoot and had a lot of fun dancing in the spanish outfit. She is an easy model to work with and had no problems getting into poses and holding them (while I moved lights around to get the best lighting). Alana helped me in the studio by doing last minute touchups to her hair and makeup, as well as holding the gold reflector to reflect light into Anitas face while she was backlit. Loved working with Anita as well as Alana, both are passionate about what they do….and it always comes out in the images. Also, a bit thanks to Alex for editing these images. Well done…. Brent


This last image was shot about 20 minutes after sunset at zenith beach. My camera was having problems focusing – it was that dark, but we still managed to capture this. Didn’t have time to set up my off camera lights – what a pity.


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