Daniella Pinto – The new fish in town

We are very proud to share this shoot taken late last year with the gorgeous Ms. Daniella Pinto. Currently working in Sydney as a up and coming model and dancer. This beautiful character was an absolute delight to work with from the word go, braving the weather in extravagant outfits, all   while fighting a head cold.


A long way from home

Originally born and raised in Portugal, Daniella moved to Australia for a change, to do something new and exciting with her life. She started off as a nanny for a local family, before finding her talents in dancing and modelling. Daniella has succeeded in more ways than one, becoming a well sort after model and dancer.


A look that could kill

Daniella is well known for her unique approach to modelling, willing to go above and beyond to reach her goals. Her piercing stare captures the attention of the audience, drawn in by the vibrant colours and unusual shapes.


Working closely with local stylists

A passion for unique colour, texture and shape, Daniella has managed to wow every audience she encounters. Completely standing out from the crowd with her locally handmade garments, jewellery and head dresses.


….Keep your eyes out for Daniella Pinto as she takes the world by storm….

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