Noosa QLD – b/w or colour?

I love Noosa. This must be one of the most picturesque places in Australia. The weather has been perfect in Queensland since I flew here a few days ago, warm and not a cloud in the sky…. until today. I have been soaking up the sun and warmth all week.

Got up early, went for a run around the national park to take in all that Noosa has to offer. I ended up running (well, walking most of the time) with other early-rises, along the beach, boardwalk, footpath….straight to the coffee shop. With the relatively warm weather, there were people out having brekkie and relaxing at the outdoor cafe’s and coffee shops on Hastings Street. You know what they say….”when in rome, do as the romans do” so I had to give one or two of them a try….glad I did:)

Noosa and the surrounding area has been photographed to death, there are postcards everywhere with beautiful images of this area. I wanted to show this place in a different light, using my own style – slow shutter/moody images, most of them shot as black and white in camera. I have included one colour image.

I would love some feedback from the readers of this blog. What do you prefer? b&w or colour? Please add your reply below. I will post more b/w or colour images depending on the response.

Look forward to flying back home to Port Stephens tomorrow. Enjoy. Brent

Long Exposure:


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  1. george

    I have always loved B&W photos! Some pics are best in Colour – these ones – def; the B&W pics

  2. alana janesse

    love the moodiness but love what you have done in colour better as nossa to me is such a warm happy place lots of fond memories not moody ones, would love to see the pic with trees in colour and the last pic in colour. you are right though Nossa has been done to death but not shot the way you have. I love it!!! keep it up!

    So glad your having a great time there , one of my favorite places in QLD!
    take care,

  3. rebecca

    B&W definately…Love NOOSA, Love the shots…



    and they say colour is always the best the mood best describe trough b&w

  5. Cassidy.

    I like these all. The first one in colour is much more affective but.

  6. Maria

    In my opinion, these images are too dark whether in B & W or colour. They need brightening up to capture the beauty and detail,


    • brentmail

      Thanks for your comment Maria. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I like the moody-ness of the images, that is why I have shot them as a little darker to add to the mood I was feeling when I captured them. Brent

    • karen mctaggart

      No dout Black and White in these pic’s

  7. Jules Ormus

    i prefer the colour pics…really captures the beauty of the natural surroundings

  8. Emily

    I really like the coloured ones. I think colour or b&w are all beautiful photos and it depends on personal preference and where you are going to hang them or what you are going to do with them as to what would be best.

  9. Chrissie

    I agree with my friend Alana actually. The focus of Noosa (and Port Stephens) is the amazing ocean which is a stunning blue…therefore colour definitely captures any sea-scape best for me.

  10. Mark

    These B&Ws are great photos in themselves.

    But as a way of defining what Noosa is? I think you need colour.

  11. Carol

    I am a huge fan of Noosa since the 70’s and the first shot reminded me of what I love about Noosa the most, colour, brightness and that feeling of being home.
    However the Black and whites were brilliant and you captured the mood. In this instance I will still say the colour photo is my favourite because Noosa is colour and I am always in a happy mood when I am there.

  12. Nat

    love all the photos,B&W ones dramatic and something different

  13. Robert

    No matter where the shot is taken it should be in colour, its what we see .Colour gives us a perspective on the distance of the landscape its richness and mood of the day. Colour influences our own feelings and mood colour shows what tribe you come from colour is what shows us who we are. I have seen some of the thickest jungle in far North OLD and have been where no man or woman has ever been, a black and white photo could never show it like a coloured one

  14. Darren

    Black and whites are beautifully classic, but for landscapes like this, the colour says so much more!

  15. Joy

    Hi Brent,

    I definitely prefer the coloured images! I think nature on it’s own looks a lot more appealing in colour :)

  16. Michelle

    I love the colour photo best but I do like the black & white. I think it depend greatly on your own mood at the time & how it makes you feel.

  17. margaret

    Love colour, although the B & W are beautiful too.

  18. Michele

    each of these photos are so different – they certainly have impact – so i dont think colour is the question…….. they are captivating – its only ‘size’ that will set them apart…….. that B&W in a 6×4 would look perfect on my loungeroom wall….. :)..thats feet in old school…

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