Light Painting Old Dairy

I found this awesome old run-down dairy in Anna Bay the other day. I have been on the lookout for old buildings and structures in my area, that show some of the history of port stephens. I got permission from the owner to photograph his building.

Just to make things more interesting, I decided to photograph this old building at night, using a very long shutter speed (30 minutes) and using a torch to paint the building and trees and grass with light. The following images are my first attempts at light painting landscape photography. I like the star trails from the long shutter speed, notice how they go in different directions, first shot was photographed facing north, the next one was shot facing more easterly.

I have also included more light painting images from fishermans bay, I took a few days ago.

Do you think I should continue with this type of landscape photography, do you like it?

Would love some feedback. Brent

light painting in port stephens

light painting landscape photography

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