Light Painting Old Dairy

I found this awesome old run-down dairy in Anna Bay the other day. I have been on the lookout for old buildings and structures in my area, that show some of the history of port stephens. I got permission from the owner to photograph his building.

Just to make things more interesting, I decided to photograph this old building at night, using a very long shutter speed (30 minutes) and using a torch to paint the building and trees and grass with light. The following images are my first attempts at light painting landscape photography. I like the star trails from the long shutter speed, notice how they go in different directions, first shot was photographed facing north, the next one was shot facing more easterly.

I have also included more light painting images from fishermans bay, I took a few days ago.

Do you think I should continue with this type of landscape photography, do you like it?

Would love some feedback. Brent

light painting in port stephens

light painting landscape photography


  1. nick

    this is so nice… nice to look at..

  2. Harry

    very interesting Brent…imagine the effect if you happened to “catch’ a falling star…!
    What was the candlepower of the torch?
    I have a great idea…..!

    • brentmail

      10 Million candle light of the torch. Whats your idea?

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