Port Douglas & Great Barrier Reef

I have always wanted to visit and photograph tropical north queensland in australia and the great barrier reef.

We had family from the usa visiting us, and we had all been working really hard recently with spring weddings and portraits on the beach. This was the perfect time for a quick break up north.

Unfortunately, Cairns and Port Douglas have only had 10% of the average rainfall for this time of the year. This means that the rainforest is not wet, and some of the streams have dried up. I really wanted to capture the running water and moss on the rocks. I did manage to get to Mossman Gorge and photographed this awesome area. The river and gorge are surrounded by rainforests and I was lucky to photograph on an overcast day, that way I could get the “milky water effect” using a slow shutter speed.

The day we went to the barrier reef was one I will never forget. 1.5 hour trip out to the reef from Port Douglas (50km out to sea) was a bit rough with 20 knot winds, but once we got there I realised it was totally worth the ride. The reef looks so unbelieveable from the boat, and even better once we were underwater.



Great Barrier Reef from below


Wild croc


Barrier Reef from above


Mossman Gorge


Me underwater – Thanks Stacy for taking the pic.

Sunrise on four mile beach – Port Douglas


  1. These pictures are beautiful! I would love to share these on our facebook site if you were happy to oh and ps in case you were wondering we are the tourism authority for the region (Tourism Port Douglas + Daintree)!

  2. Great, thanks for that! You can check out our facebook profile facebook.com/tourism.portdouglasdaintree and get us anytime on twitter @PortDouglas_Aus. Cheers!

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