Foster Family: Capturing Togetherness and Childhood Memories

A lovely beach family photography shoot with the beautiful Foster family  – Janine, Scott, and their kids Lauren, Olivia and Blake.


family portrait photography

Family Togetherness

We went down to the beach to get some nice outdoor photos of this beautiful family. It was a bit windy, but still a lovely day out to get some wonderful pictures. We witnessed the closeness that this family has, which made the shoot warm and fun. They all enjoyed the shoot  and even their cute dog, Diesel seemed to have fun in front of the camera.

beach photography

Picture Perfect

We got some really wonderful photos and the family was really impressed. This photo right here – them sitting on the rocks – is probably the best one.

family portrait photography

Kids Leaving for High School

The family wanted to have this photo shoot before the kids leave for high school. Kids grow up so fast these days, and it’s always good to capture memories of their childhood in a shoot like this. Having family portraits like these would give them something to look back to when they grow older.

portrait photography


family portrait photography

Capture Childhood Memories

Slow down the time and capture the moment with your kids while they’re still young. Give us a call for your own family photography at 02 4981 9659.

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