Two Homes One Family

Karen Evans is another lucky winner from our Salamander Photo Centre Competition at Salamander Bay. She won the major prize of the $1330.00 portrait photography canvas package.

Karen have two beautiful boys who share their time between Mum & Dads separate homes here in Port Stephens. Karen & David are still very close and even though they have two homes they are one happy family. Dad, David came along to the shoot as well. There were some really sweet photographs of the boys giving their Mum a big hug and horse playing with Dad on the beach, some very special moments caught and memories made.

Karen loved the image of her boys and ordered a beautiful handmade, custom leather bound album with all the images from the day. On the title page of the album we have printed “Two Homes One Family” in a lovely font. Karen loves her albums and I love mine too, as I refer to them as my “History Books”.

Jumping boys on a Port Stephens Beach

Karen and her boys during a photo shoot on the beach near shoal bay

Dad and boys photographed on a Port Stephens Beach

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