Twins Olivia and Ellis: adding more life, love and inspiration to the Jessup family

We hear all sorts of stories from people when they sit fro their family portraits, and some are the most inspiring you’ll ever come across.

Like this story of the Jessups, who came to the studio looking to have a nice memorabilia of their now bigger family.

At the onset, Little Olivia and Ellis were a surprise—TWINS! Olivia would be the little princess this then family of expecting parents and two boys were excited to finally welcome. And, of course, little brother Ellis was also much anticipated. The more, definitely the merrier.

On surprises, both the good and nerve-wracking kind

But, more surprises awaited parents Alicia and Chris as the pregnancy progressed. As many multiple births go, the babies were going to be born premature. This didn’t worry Alicia and Chris too much as she has had a premmie before—she had given birth to Will before carrying him to full term also (Hudson was full term).

The roller coaster of emotions begins

It was around the 20th week scan, though, that it was discovered that Olivia was not growing at the same rate as Ellis. This sometimes happens with multiples, they were reassured, but the size difference between the fetuses should be minimal.

“At first, they were doing really well. However, as the weeks progressed Ellis’s size increased and Olivia’s did not,” explained mom Alicia.

She further related that Olivia was a contradiction: “Normally, when a baby is having growth or development problems, it does not move so much. Olivia was she was really kicking and moving, so that made the doctors happy.”

No sugar-coating by the doctors

Come Week 25, the doctors told Alicia and Chris that the twins would indeed be delivered at the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), a special equipment care facility for premature or seriously ill newborn. They were made to understand the possibility of delivery a healthy boy and his stillborn twin sister. Needless to say, they were grief-stricken.

“Amid lots of tears and counseling sessions with NICU staff, we braced ourselves and our families for what may become of our babies,” Chris said.

Throughout the rest of the pregnancy, husband and wife were on a roller coaster ride of emotions. On her 28th week on the 4th of January 2012, Alicia was finally admitted to the hospital. But, moments before she was rushed to the theater, Olivia’s heart rate had dropped from 145 bpm to 60 bpm—she was dying. The doctors and medical staff worked against the clock and soon, Alicia delivered via C-section Ellis first at 2.7 lbs. and Olivia at 1.1 lbs. Both babies had to go on CPAP, an oxygen therapy to aid in breathing, for about a month, but both are now at home, healthy and obviously very happy darlings.

Each child brings smiles and much love to the family

A princess among the princes. Each child brings smiles and much love to the now-complete family.

Home, at last!

“At the end of every busy day, Chris and I are very blessed to have four beautiful, healthy, happy children. They make each moment unique and special and we as parents are never short of a smile,” Alicia said.

Were you inspired as we were by their journey? Leave us a message or have one for the Jessups and we’ll pass them along. ♡ Karla

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