Baby Photography O’Brien Family

There is nothing quite as lovely as a new baby, a new addition to a family. Alisha came to our studio with only weeks to the impending birth of her second bundle. We decided that we would wait to do the family shoot until the fourth member had arrived safely and she did.

New born photography is recommended to be done in the first five weeks. Liv was a perfect little model, with barely a peep out of her. We warmed up the studio before they arrived, very important to keep all our clients happy and comfortable even the tiny ones.

Liv’s proud big sister who is just two years old was great during the shoot as well and we got the sweetests shots of them together.

Then after we had some fun in the studio we headed down to Zenith Beach. We are so lucky to be able to offer both studio and outdoor locations in the one shoot. That way the O’Briens had a greater choice of what they would like to hang on their walls at home to remember this special time in their lives.

We look forward to watching the girls grow and shooting them again. We hope you enjoy these images as much as we enjoyed taking them.

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