Portrait of Emily

Sweet Emily and her mum came to visit our studio. Emily is 15 a just bursting with enthusiasm and is a very special young lady. I learnt that Emily is very involved with her local church, wants to work in Childcare when she leaves school. Emily loves the outdoors, antiques and helping her parents to restore old homes. Emily told me she loved exploring the homes that were to be renovated and finding little relics of the past. One of her favourite finds was a beautiful blue glass bottle on the beach…….

Photography of a bottle on zenith beach

We chatted about different looks for the photo shoots,  outfit options and creating different scenarios that reflected her interest and lifestyle. With some very careful planning and Brent’s expertise her caught these amazing images. Emily and her Mum were thrilled, and we had great fun in creating their very own personal art that will live on their walls and warm their hearts for many years to come.

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