Chris & Tori

Chris and Tori decided to have their lifestyle photography portrait shoot on zenith beach near shoal bay. On the day of the shoot we managed to capture some stunning images of a very close & loving family. Recently I interviewed them in their home and I have put together a short 1 minute movie with Chris and Tori explaining their experience. Thanks guys for being so open with me, and letting us into your lives & for a great testimonial. More images below….love the shot of Chris chasing the kids, such fear in their faces;)


  1. chris

    You do not have permission to use these photos. I will be talking to my laywer. Of course we could come to some arrangement…in a brown paper bag for instance…if you know what I mean?

    • Ha Ha, I think I know what you mean. How many “New” in the brown paper bag? By the way, my lawyer is much meaner than yours.

  2. chris

    beer of currency…unorthorised use of personal imagery…one case of New and a few buddies to share it…deal!

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