My Family

Well the months have flipped past and I have had the pleasure of working with so many beautiful families, it was finally my turn.  My husband’s beautiful children Ryan and Sarah were visiting with us for a long weekend. Brent kindly offered to do our family portrait photo shoot and I was thrilled.

I was watching my Husband and the kids horsing around on the beach, I was keenly watching Brent as well and it hit me like a bolt of lightening, this was a precious memory in the making. Not something that would be forgotten. This is a thumb print of a family, my family.  I choked back the tears and started laughing again as Ryan tried to push his dad in the water.

Our BIGGEST thank you to Brent, the happiness that is generated by your amazing talent is boundless, I feel so blessed that we have been able to have Brent capture our family.

Jason and I shed many tears of joy when we saw the amazing images and happily planned on where we are going to display the images in our home, we are also going to put an album together for the kids. We are like many families that don’t live together on a full time basis, but we have the love of the children in our hearts, we have plenty of phone calls and emails each week and now these beautiful images that will grace our walls.

Now I know Ryan and Sarah had a ball and Brent made it great fun, but in years to come when the kids are older they will have these beautiful images to look back on. My own father is very ill now and I just wished had a little window into my past, happy days running on the beach with my Dad, but sadly not. Life just gets so busy and sometimes we need to just stop and think about the future and I am so glad we shared this wonderful experience, hope you enjoy these photos of my family.

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