Doting Parents We Have Met Recently

Here at Capture Imaging Photography, we get to meet some great people who allow us a glimpse of their happy family lives as we shoot their portraits.

We meet many families and it’s heartwarming to see such doting parents enjoying their kids’ youthful exuberance. We see it all the time: in hugs and kisses, smiles and a simple smoothing of hair gone astray. Special moments that we can all relate to—and we’ve captured some for you.

Here are some of them.

Glen Schroeder gets a cuddle from his lovely little ladies. Doting dad of two equally doting daughters.

Lisa Craven and Sam in a classic mom-daughter hug, but this one immortalized in a nice photograph for life.

Mark and Jack put the ‘rough’ in ‘play.’ But it’s all good. Shows them in top form as dad and son.

Here’s one of John Kennedy in a sweet moment that daughter Jessica’s likely to treasure when she’s all grown up.

They say moms and their sons have that special bond that’s different from her relationship with her daughters. A touching moment between Annia and son Aleksander Kennedy.

What do children remember when they’ve grown a bit older? A lot, I suppose, but definitely those moments of carefree laughter with mom and dad. Here’s one such moment that will touch the heartstrings of anybody, young or old. Jeff and Annia with kids Gabrielle and Aleksander.

And of course, we have precious memories of children being, well–children. With all her running might, Jessica dashes off with mom Karen, dad John, and brother Lachlan following suit.

Do you want to capture these happy times in your life, call us now on 4981 9659, and come into our studio for a coffee and chat.

Don’t they epitomize ‘happy’? Let us know what you think. ♡ Karla


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