Daniels Family Beach Shoot

We just had a fun-filled family beach photoshoot with Ann, her daughter Karlee, and two grand kids, Liam and Declan.

Naughty Boys, or Fun-Loving Kids?

The boys were a little bit out of control and were very naughty during the shoot (that is what Ann said to me – but we love to photograph kids who have a lot of energy). The boys had a lot of fun running and jumping off the pier and playing in the water.  We asked them to enjoy the day, play around, and just be themselves while we took the photos. They all looked very happy and their genuine smiles made the images truly worth-keeping.

Amazing Images for Life

The photos turned out really great, which goes to show that even though the kids can go a little bit out of control and naughty, you can still get some amazing images. Ann sent us an email saying how much they loved the photos and that they’re going to use them for scrapbooking and hang the wall portraits on their feature wall.

Capture your kids before they grow up!

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