Alchin Family: capturing that fiery spirit

“Upon meeting the family for the first time, I knew this one was going to be a lot of fun!” -Brent


Red & Blue vs. White

First of all, rarely do family shoots come along where all the members are dressed in anything but the rudimentary blue jeans and white top. No—the Alchins wanted to wear colored shirts that reflected their personalities. So it was red for the fiery men—Darren and sons Micah and Elijah—and a calm blue for Suzanne.

Family bonding time during photo shoot

Darren and Suzanne bond with the kids during the photo shoot

Ferrari Red

The boys wanted to show off prized possessions, that is, Ferrari t-shirts bought in Italy by an uncle on a trip to Europe. Suzanne and Darren thought it would be great to somehow put on them the years the boys were born, and had ’02’ for Micah and ’04’ for Elijah printed on the backs of the shirts.

Brothers spend quality time together at Samuri Beach

Micah and Elijah give the photographer chase–to awesome photographic results

Alchin Family: Darren, Suzanne, Micah and Elijah

Energy and Game

Everybody was just bursting with energy for this family portrait. They climbed rocks when asked, got a bit splashed when a pose called for it, sprinted towards the dancing waters of Samurai Beach, or climbed on Mum and Dad just for the fun of it. Needless to say, personalities are jumping out from everybody in the pictures, just as they were during the photo shoot.

Micah and Elijah

Alchin Boys break from chasing each other down the beach for a nice pose

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