Barrett Family Portraits: Preserving Memories for Life

We recently had the chance to do a family photography shoot for Sheree Barrett with her 3 kids – Tori, Brodie and Billy.

family portrait photography

My Kids, My Strength

Sheree’s husband passed away 12 months ago. She wanted to have some photos with her kids to show that despite her husband’s passing, she remained strong and happy because of her three bundles of joy.

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Happy Kids at the Beach

We went down to Birubi beach for a relaxed and natural setting for the shoot. She loved the images taken because the kids looked so happy. They were just running around and having fun on the beach. The togetherness of the family was unbelievable.

beach photography

Preserve Those Happy Memories

It’s always good to preserve happy memories by having a lifestyle photo shoot like this. You’ll never know when your time is up so it’s best to capture those memories while you can.

family photography

Lifestyle Family Portrait

Do you also want a lifestyle portrait for your family? Let’s talk about it. Give us a call at 02 4981 9659.

family portrait photography

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