Peter & Angela at Anchorage

Angela and Peter held their wedding at Peppers Anchorage in Corlette. The weather turned out to be perfect.

Everything went according to plan, well… almost. One of the groom’s men had a “shirt malfunction” and there were some last minute shopping to be done. In the meantime the bride was getting ready and we got some really good candid shots with all the girls. Once they were dressed I got the bride and bridesmaids onto the balcony and again using my off-camera lights, we captured the brilliant colours in the dresses without losing the beautiful marina background and blue colours of the bay (port stephens).


Angela and Peter are an active couple and we decided to have some fun after the ceremony and formal shots were over. We headed to the beach close the anchorage and played tug-o-war. We also had a game of touch rugby, which everyone enjoyed. There are so many choices for wedding shots around the anchorage that I could have gone on forever, but we ran out of time and everyone headed back to freshen-up for the reception. I got one last shot of Peter trying to reach Angela up high on the balcony.

After sunset and halfway through dinner, I managed to convince the couple to get a few sunset images on the breakwater. Using one of the bridesmaids to hold my off-camera light, I photographed the wedding couple running past me with the sunset in the background. One of the best images is the silhouette below.

I really enjoyed shooting this wedding, everyone was really relaxed and in a festive mood. Thanks again to Stacy for being the 2nd photographer on the day and for helping me organise all the group shots. Thanks to Rosie for editing the images too.










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