Jess & Ryan

We were all excited for the first Port Stephens Wedding for spring.
Jessica worked for us in our studio a year ago as an editor and I promised her and Ryan that I would shoot their wedding this spring.
We arrived at the brides house, I had my new canon 5D mark II and was eager to give it a test-run in a real world situation. After shooting all the standard images, we all went out onto the balcony. This is where I could experiment a little. Brought out my trusty off-camera lights again and asked Jess to play with the dress as I underexposed the background and popped in some side light.
Ceremony went well at the Catholic church in Nelson Bay. After the group and family shots were done, we then headed to the Anchorage for some location shots. We had a lot of fun, walking next to the boats. Everybody was pretty relaxed and in a festive mood. Again I wanted to create some unusual images so I used my lights to create this image. I wanted to have the couple “pop” out of the image with the unique architecture in the background.
Trying to get some natural poses, I had Jess and Ryan do their wedding dance on the boardwalk…..a little practice before the real thing. Captured that joy in Jess’s face, she has such a great smile/laugh. I’m always looking for those natural moments, that is why I use a longer lens (200mm) and stand further away, soon the couple forgets I’m there.
The reception was at the Nelson Bay Golf Club. I had a few ideas of what I wanted to do. We got there a bit late from the Anchorage and the sun had already set. Managed to borrow a golf club from the venue and we headed down to the green infront of the golf club. My goal was to capture a candid shot, with the new golf clubhouse in the background. This was a bit tricky as it was getting dark really fast and I need to lie down on the ground to get the low angle. Again Alex held the off-camera lights and we had Jess and Ryan do their thing. By this time they were really enjoying the fun we were having with the photos.
I really enjoyed shooting this wedding because the bride and groom were so relaxed and were totally enjoying themselves. They were also keen to try some new things.
Thanks again to my crew for all the help. Stacy for being the 2nd photographer at the church and Alex for helping shoot the candid images at the Anchorage and helping me with the lights.

First of our Port Stephens Weddings

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