Ozzie & Vicki

Vicki, who owns Vicki’s Little Snippets, recently had a great photo shoot with her beautiful 11 year old schnauzer Ozzie.
He was very good during the shoot and just adores his owner, you can just see the love in his eyes. I also heard Vicki promise a nice run down the beach and we were able to shoot the run as well. Nothing more joyful than to watch a dog fun and play on the beach.

Brent has photographed a large array of pets (pet photography) including his own dogs before, if you have a beloved pet, Brent would love to shoot…. oops with his camera of coarse, let us know.

IMG 7224 vicki 2 Pet   Ozzie & Vicki

IMG 7249 vicki3 Pet   Ozzie & Vicki

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