Milly & Scooby

Jane had a planning meeting with me and explained she has family back in England, she wanted Brent to capture her amazing life style she and her Husband now have in Australia.

Using Biribu beach as the back drop, where we have the crystal blue water, golden sands and the volcanic rocks. It is a great place for beautiful dogs Scooby and Milly to have a walk as well.

I am sure Brent has never heard the old saying, “never work with kids or animals” because he seems to be able work wonders with both. His natural talent for bringing out the best in all creature great and small, especially pet photography.

Jane and I laughed so much in the viewing theater where I was showing her the images that Brent has taken on the massive screen of her beloved dogs. It looked like they were about to leap out of the photos and land on our laps. Karen.

jane2 Portrait   Milly & Scooby

jane41 Portrait   Milly & Scooby

Jane1 Portrait   Milly & Scooby

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