Injured Bear

Taking care of his best friend

Everyone here at Capture Imaging Photography loves animals. We all have pets as companions at home, and we hate to see one of our loved ones hurt or injured.

What would you do for your “best friend” if they were injured?

Here is a story of what Rob and Bear have been through in the last 2 month or so…

Snapped his leg:

About 7 weeks ago, Bear who is a large German Shepherd (20 months old), was walking down his driveway, spotted another dog  “dinner” and gave chase. He must have turned too sharply on his right paw and snapped the bone in his leg.

First Vet:

Rob then took Bear to the local vet, they then operated and put a screw and 2 pins through Bear’s bones to stablilse his leg. A few weeks later one of the pins came out and when they operated again, they found that his bones were not healing properly.

This was a very sad day for Rob and Bear. I spotted them going for a “walk” at Bagnalls beach soon afterwards and they both looked pretty miserable.

The options were to amputate Bears leg, or get a 2nd opinion.

Bear on the floor

Notice the scar and skinny right shoulder?

Animal Specialist gets involved:

Rob then took Bear to Sydney to the small animal specialist hospital (sashvets) to have an orthopaedic surgeon give it another go. They used a  steel plate and 7 screws to hold his leg together. This was another major surgery and Bear had to stay in Sydney for a few days.

The animal specialist comes at quite a financial hit, but Rob says it’s worth it.

When Bear got back home, he limped to his corner in the house and fell asleep. He must have been happy to be back home, and probably exhausted from the surgery and the travel from Sydney

Another setback:

If this ordeal was not enough, an infection has been detected in Bears leg and he is now on more anitbiotics… but we all hope the worst is over.

I visited Rob and Bear yesterday and Bear seems to be full of beans and wanting to play. He is hobbling along on his 3 legs, but still has a lot of energy and fighting spirit. When he jumps up and tries to hug you (or maybe eat you) you know about it.

Bear has lost 1/5th of his body weight in the last few weeks, he now weighs 40kg.

Studio pet photo shoot

best friends – photographed in our studio last year

Pet photography shoot:

Late last year, we photographed Rob and Bear, first in our studio and then on the beach. Here are a few images from the photo shoot, and you can see that Bear is a happy dog, loves to play and run. There is a strong bond between Rob and Bear, and I have great respect for both of them.

Please leave comments below this post, I’m sure Rob and Bear would appreciate any well wishes. Brent

Rob and Bear on the beach

Curious Bear - studio pet photography


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