Drawing comfort from special friends

Like many animal lovers, Erin Dowse is head-over-heels with her dog, Molly (and her mom’s Lilly), and regards it as a very important part of her life.

This secondary English teacher at Singleton High School, out of her love to indulge in facts and pop culture through trivia, joined a fundraiser for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). This was where she won her Capture Imaging Photography voucher for a photo session and metallic wall print package.

Inspiration from a song gave dog’s name

Furry comfort. Erin and pets have a fun-filled shoot at the beach

Erin had no second thoughts to include Molly as she immortalizes this time of her life through the portrait session as the dog has always provided her comfort and lots of laughter. You see, Erin got Molly after her childhood pet, a labrador named Daisy, passed away. She named it after a character in The Beatle’s (her favorite band) song ‘Ob-LaDi, Ob-La-Da’ because, as the song says, life goes on.

“The photo experience is a memorable and happy one. I enjoyed spending time with my girls on the beach, and the photographer made it so comfortable there was no choice but to fill the shoot with love and laughter,” said Erin.

Felt special and totally taken care of

"The photography session was a few hours filled with vitality, joy and delighting in life." ~Erin

When asked which part of the Capture Imaging experience was most memorable, she said, “So much of it was memorable, particularly the way in which I was guided and supported through the planning, the shoot and the selection.”

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