Exclusive Glamour Makeover by Capture Imaging

Chic Boudoir are the words on everybody’s lips….Classy and Elegant, Chic Boudoir is about celebrating  you.

It’s time you celebrated being a woman…

Nowadays we spend most of our time doing things for everyone else…. taking the kids to school & activities, keeping the house up to scratch, or working.
There is a never ending list of tasks to complete and time just seems to get away from us.

When was the last time you spoiled yourself? Did something just for YOU?

Don’t wait until you are in perfect shape, thinner, have longer hair or better skin because time passes quickly.

Whether it is a keepsake for you or the perfect gift for the partner that has everything!
We focus on making you feel attractive, sensual and sexy. It’s not about being in perfect shape, thin, or young –  instead we highlight your best features to create a beautiful shot.
You will receive professional hair and makeup, professional styling, in our studio, your home or choice of venue….the SUPERMODEL EXPERIENCE!!!

“I couldn’t believe it was me, they look fantastic!!!” Jenell – mother of two

Confidence is sexy, be confident in the skin you are in.

Give Karen a call to discuss 02 4981 9659 or visit our ChicBoudoir.com.au website where we have a video and answer most of your questions.

Thanks Jenel for allowing us to use your images, and for the interview in the video.

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