Surfing – Port Stephens

Over the weekend a large swell hit our beaches, from One mile beach, to box beach, the surf was pumping. After experiencing the force of the waves first hand at one mile, I packed in my camera gear and headed for box beach, where the wave becomes super hollow and is closer to the beach for shooting.

Got there on Sunday morning, the parking lot was full. I passed a few surfers walking off the beach with broken boards. Even thought the surf had dropped in size from the day before, there was still a lot of action to be had in the water. Below are a few images I shot of surfers and body boarders having the time of their lives. Enjoy. Brent


  1. Simon

    Where are the photo’s of you??? MINE!

  2. Maybe cause there is nothing worth shooting when I’m surfing, just some really good falls, or drop-ins? MINE!!!

  3. nancy maule

    awesome! Can’t wait to show Eric..hopefully we will see you guys in a few months!

  4. Guy

    Glad I was not there…….carnage!!!!

  5. alana

    awesome pics brent!!!! love them!!!

  6. Awesome Pics Brentski!!

  7. Port stephens

    Totally different and amazing picture. The blue water paradise is known for its beauty and marine environment.

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