Why would you want to live anywhere else?

Picture Perfect

This beautiful photo was taken at Birubi Beach, Port Stephens. We could not have asked for a better afternoon, watching the sun set over the      sand dunes. The horizon was perfectly lit to highlight the interesting cloud formations and the silhouette of the sand dunes. The soft light cast on    the water has allowed us to capture the rippling motion of the waves perfectly.


The beauty within

Every object, old and new, has its own charm and beauty. This run-down, rusty, old car has definitely seen better days, but the wear and tear on   this vehicle means more than you think. Every scratch, every bump, every spot of rust portrays a different story and adventure.



Port Stephens Paradise

Its hard to imagine living guide to online casinos for canadians anywhere else in the world when you start and finished your days with a view like this! The surrounding beaches, sand dunes, mountains and parks in Port Stephens make it one of the most beautiful places to live for all ages. There is something for everyone in this town; beaches and parks to relax at, mountains to climb and sand dunes to explore for the adventurous type, waves to ride for the surfers,       swings and sand for the kids to play, what more could you ask for?


DSC_7647_1 - blog


The photographers have their own fun too; experimenting with light, shadows, shutter speed and aperture. This interesting image was taken along Birubi beach, capturing the motion of the waves in a different perspective, making the water and rocks look quite mystical and ghostly.

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