Help-Portrait Success

Help-Portrait Port Stephens

Wow, what a turnout at the first Help-Portrait in Port Stephens on the 11th of December. You might be wondering what help-portrait is all about, it’s basically our way of giving back to those in need in the community, by photographing those in need and then giving them a print. We made a short video of the day, have a look to see what some of the participants have to say…

Think of it as giving a picture, not just taking a picture. We are very proud to have contributed to the following statistics for help-portrait worldwide 2011.

  • 56 countries
  • 67,927 portraits given
  • 4,984 photographers
  • 8,793 volunteers
More info here on help-portrait website.

Thanks to all those volunteers who helped to make this day such a success:

Rotary Club of Salamander Bay played a huge roll in organising and running this even. Thanks to all of you that volunteered your day and your expertise to give back to those needy people in our community.






  1. Cassandra

    Just wanted to again say a BIG THANKYOU! With my husband in and out of work over the last 2.5years and having go though our son’s Autism diagnosis on top of trying to pay our mortgage and everything else that comes with having 4 children, life has been very stress ful but the photos are great and the people who looked after us that day, words can’t describe how beautiful they are nor how grateful we are to them!!! So THANKYOU!!!!
    If you do it again – I’d be happy to volunteer and help out doing whatever.

    • brentmail

      Thanks Cassie, yes we will be doing this again in December this year, will keep you posted. Brent

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