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Passion for Mastering our Craft

When you’re passionate about something, you’re at it every chance you get. If it happens to be your job, you never take much time off. If you see a chance to master your craft, you usually charge gung-ho into it. Such is the case of Brent Mail and his reasons for sending entries to this

Local Surf Contest

I was fortunate enough to be asked to photograph some of the top surfers in Port Stephens, just before this weekends surf contest. The examiner newspaper has just run to story with one of my images. Please read all about it below. I shot them at birubi beach on a stormy day and used off

Front Page of Port Stephens Examiner

Wow, can’t believe we made the front page of the local newspaper (Port Stephens Examiner). Very progressive of the examiner, what do you think? Read more about this underwater portrait photography award here: Edge Photography Award Managed to get hold of the model – Laura….and she is trilled with the award.

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